How would you access DataStores from outside of the game?

Idk if im right but, if you want the ban a player without having them to join the game, I think you can

  1. create datastore called “Ban_List” then:

  2. Make a script/function/command… that whenever you wanna ban someone you find and take their UserID (it could be during game or you can search them on the website) then store it to this “Ban_List”

=> so whenever the game runs it will automatically search through this “Ban_List” and prevent players that carry those UserID (from the “Ban_List”) to join the game.

==> Basically the idea is , instead of using a normal table to add in the UserID by hand every single time, you can just use whatever admin command that you have that can send a signal to a server (includes parameters such as (player, player.UserID,…)) → then from there the server (automatically) stores that player.UserID to the “Ban_List” through some sort of function/command/script…, even when the game is running

and Please correct me if I’m wrong because I am still new to this DataStore and currently learning, it’s just my idea

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