How would you make an http request to Roblox?

Damn there are so much baggage that comes along with that

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Check out noblox.js. Its a library written in Node.js which allows you to execute web functions easily. There’s also a noblox.js-server which you can easily deploy for use as a proxy. It will handle logging in and cookie refreshing for you.


Noblox says that I’m supposed to use Heroku, but it doesn’t work with Heroku anymore, so I’ve been using but I’m not sure how to apply Noblox to glitch

I know this isnt the question, but are you sure you want to tangle up your account permissions with your game? Why are you even handling that meta data within the game

Since there’s currently no such function as “GroupService:SetRank()” this is my only option :confused:

No why are you setting group rank within the game and not just creating your own group system in game. It will become easier once cross server messaging is live as well i think.

You can pretty much literally copy paste all of the scripts over. It will install all library dependencies for you if you list them in your package.json

.Oh okay. I’ll see if that works :slight_smile: . Quick question though - which one do I use, noblox.js or noblox.js-server?

By reading your recent post, since you wish to set up a proxy server to handle user promotion requests, just use noblox.js-server and deploy it directly to glitch, rather than using the library to write your own server.

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I’m wondering if maybe using Trello would be easier, as in, making my own ranking system instead of using Roblox’s.

Trello is a task management suite tho

I don’t know what that means.

Like Bob has to do X, Y, and Z this week. Move his task from Todo, to InProgress, to Shipped.
What are you even ranking? Could it be handled by an keyed to playerId within a datastore?

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I’m attempting to answer his real question, which is creating a ranking system as painlessly as possible. Creating a client to interface with roblox is needless work when he coudl do a single line of datastore code.

Upon reading the thread more carefully you will realise that OP wants to create a proxy server to handle HTTP requests in order to promote members of a group. This is unrelated to DataStores, or a matchmaking style ranking system like you are thinking of.

Huh I was under the impression he was using the group system rank to make a rank system.

No, this is not what they are asking.
They are asking how to make requests from a RCC Server to the Roblox API, so those solutions are valid.

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What do you mean by the “group system rank” ?

There is a console button under Tools, or on the logs topbar. Click that and type npm install noblox.js --save

From that point you can use the example code I provided to make an endpoint for changing the group ranks. When you click the Show button it will take you to your glitch site, which’s url you are going to use. Just make sure to not share the endpoint url with anyone :wink: