HTTP Request not working

I am using a webhook to send an Embed message to discord from Roblox, but while it’s working in studio, whenever I publish it and test it in-game on ROBLOX, it won’t work.

Does anyone know how I can fix this?
[Don’t know which category so Scripting Support it is]

I think ROBLOX and discord are still in battle between Webhooks, people kept abusing it, so that could be a possibility still.

But in other cases, you should read more into this within the post given here:

You cannot. Discord is blocking webhook requests coming from Roblox due to abuse.

You could in theory get around this by proxying the request through a middleman, although since this is circumventing the block imposed such a proxy can be blocked as well if abused too.

But, it still works when I do it in studio, and when I tried to do it in-game it gave me HTTP 403 (Forbidden), also I will read up on it