Http Service Help?

Hi. I have been trying to figure this out for i don’t know maybe about a Year Now. But like i have seen some Videos on Yt and some games using the “Http Service” to send a Bot or a Normal Message to the Users Message Folder. And i need this to my Game where players can ask for Ranks. Here is a Example!: They can fill out a Form to ask for a Rank and send it. And if they get the Rank they will get a Message Back where it will say if they Got Accepted or Not. Any help is Appriciated(Sorry for some of my Bad English!)

TechSpectrum has a great tutorial on making bots: Guide to Scripting Bots | Javascript Tutorial | FunCaptcha and New Host Info


The example you provided was made through a system that interacts between Trello and Roblox. If you were looking for something like Terabyte Services’ Application Centers, you’d need a strong understanding of JavaScript and web design and development.

Even with just Trello, you’d need to utilize a coding language that is able to support HTTP requests, such as Python, JavaScript, or even Lua, and have a decent understanding of it as I do not believe that there are guides in this subject.

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