Humanoid controller makes character bug

I recently discovered about this humanoid controller and it makes my character go thru the ground. Screenshot here:

Does anyone have a fix for this and tell me how this bug/glitch occurs? I am not sure if this happens for r15 too.

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I’m not an expert but try creating a script that

if Allparts.Cancolide = false then
Allparts.Cancolide = true

Honestly, I don’t know how to solve the issue with the controller, but I have an idea like this

Left leg and right leg have cancollide false i put it on and when i jump i can’t move. Then it reset? :thinking:

Sorry I misunderstood your question. Try it too on R6 it’s easy

If there is no such glitch on R6, then create a script that if the player has
if R15 = True

Then player R6
like this
Click hare have too your bug @DevChams

I looked at the article about the controller Best option Disable this beta feature temporarily And see what happens next week @DevChams

I found out why and the solution is mentioned here:

Anyways ty for replying.

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