Humanoid Isn't taking damage

Thank you but I don’t really need it

A feature that my sword combat system has.

Yeah replace them with the line I provided above.

What do you mean? What lines? The lines that it prints those numbers in the output?

Yeah, those lines! Send the results after that please

i think you need to add some functions


Alright good, now replace the lines like humanoid:TakeDamage(Config.ArmDamage) to humanoid:TakeDamage(10) for now

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So now what? Should I wait or do something?

Yup, as I thought, there’s a problem with the damage values in that module script.

yeah? But why wasn’t it printing the body parts though?

I suggest not spamming the “elseif”, it reminds me of YandereDev, you can get lost easily and it’s not organized at all. However, good luck in resolving.