Humanoid tag ignores LocalTransparencyModifier

When a Head has Transparency == 1, its nametag becomes invisible.
This isn’t the case when the head is made invisible using LocalTransparencyModifier.

What are you trying to do?

Creating a cloaking field:

The players < 16studs from me are invisible to anyone outside the radius.
(To players inside, they’re partially visible)

LocalTransparencyModifier sounds like a hacky way to be making name labels appear / disappear.

What about NameDisplayDistance / HealthDisplayDistance?

That’s what I’m using right now as alternative.
I just thought I should report it, as it makes sense that the tag is invisible when the head is.
(Basicly what happens when the real Transparency value is 1)

Ah, I just remembered that those properties are for the current Humanoid to affect others.
Can’t set a custom distance for every humanoid, it’s one for all.

Oh, just found out I have to use DisplayDistanceType, setting it to Subject.

EDIT: @Rukiryo this funny thing: