Humanoid WalkSpeed false detected after animation?

Lately i’ve gotten a problem with the WalkSpeed detection. I want to make a custom walking animation but all the techniques i know and tried, didn’t work!

Main Problem:
After the animation end’s playing, The BladeActivationAnimTrack, the “Humanoid Is Running!” Prints, And still i didn’t move.

All Help will be Appriciated!

are you making a sprint system or looking to replace the roblox default animations with your own?

Specifically on an tool/weapon

that dosent answer my question.

Oh, you mean replace. Well in that case, yes. I want to replace them with my custom animations.

theres already a post to answer this question. Changing Default Animations, is there an easy way to do it?

Ah, That’s was what i was looking for. Appriciated!

no problem, i would try searching before posting theres usually a answer already.