HumanoidDescription with Deforming Mesh Clothing, How to Add?

So… I am wanting to use a HumanoidDescription to add and remove Accessories, specifically the new deformed mesh clothing, such as ‘Jackets’

According to the web site, to do this, I need to use the two functions of HumanoidDescription, :GetAccessories and :SetAccessories

To remove an accessory by its id, I get the table of accessories (:GetAccessories) then I parse, and remove the one that matches the id, then I write the table back (:SetAccessores) then I apply the HumanoidDescription.
This works, however…

To ADD an accessory, I need to Get the table, table.insert an accessory element, then Write the table, then apply description.

My problem is that I don’t know where to get the information for that ‘element’
When reading a HumanoidDescription, with a Jacket, the element for the jacket looks like this…

[“AccessoryType”] = Jacket,
[“AssetId”] = 9039498111,
[“IsLayered”] = true,
[“Order”] = 10

So my question is where do I get this information, if I am wanting to put it BACK into the HumanoidDescription. Where can I use the AssetId, and be able to get AccessoryType, IsLayered, and Order (and some even have Puffiness)
I tried to use MarketplaceService:GetProductInfo(id), but it does not contain the information.

Hope this wasnt too confusing and verbose. Thanks for any help.

As of currently, There is no section in the HumanoidDescription for the jackets however they count as accessories so you can put it in any accessory section of the HumanoidDescription and it should work.

Just make sure they are enabled in your game

Put ‘what’ into the accessory section? Where do I get the data for the jacket to put into that section?

the jacket’s ID.

You can find the ID in the jacket’s URL for example:

This jacket Has an ID of 7192549218 and that’s what you should put in the accessory section
as you can see the numbers in the URL are the ID for the item/accessory you want.

But this is where you would need to put it…

According to this Post this is how to do it:
[{"AssetId": 6984765766, "Order":1, "AccessoryType":"Jacket", "Puffiness":0.5}]

But how do I get the values for Order or Puffiness?

What if I put Order 57, or Puffiness 2.5
How does one get the default values for a layered clothing in the catalog?

I noticed some jackets I wear have different values than others, some have puffiness and some don’t.
Considering this information varies between different accessories, there must be some way to get that information from code, right?

And I get that ‘according to the link you posted’ there are certain orders depending on the AccessoryType and that Puffiness is optional, it just seems that if when equipping an item from the website and looking at it in game, and it has these values as default, there really should be a way to get them.

Perhaps I’m just being picky, but it seems like that data should be accessible somehow.
However, just to keep myself from being stuck on this forever, I am going to mark your post as the solution, as it at least shows the order table per accessory type.

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