I am looking for developers!

You can’t ask for investors on the forum anymore. :upside_down_face:


Ah, ill remove that part!


You should check my portfolio at:


Hi I would like to apply for a ui role add me on discord supermanayman#0402 for images of my portfolio

This looks like a good project to take on.

My portfolio is here: [FOR HIRE] Torchic's Building Portfolio

It wont let me friend you


25 + 25 + 20 + 10 + 10 is 90%, you only have 10% for people to put in raises then?

Ohh I’m sorry my name is supermanaymany

With a y at the end sorry I didnt add it

i meant to put 10% sorry. But, 10% in raises is still a bunch.

Do you want this type of text logos?

This is already starting to seem like a scam. Why would someone that is over 13 not be able to calculate properly? Also, for what do you need “Investors”? Your text wasn’t very informative on the investment side.

Well, since you like to be confusing on everything, i’ll tell you some things.

I have no idea WHERE you see investors, i edited that part out.

And also, im a human alright? I can make mistakes.

And the fact that devs even CAN get a raise is generous, i couldve just pocketed that 10% for myself.

You should only raise people by 5% or lower.

You should just make the 10% just go to the group funds and you could give the dev an extra amount of robux if they do well.

That true your a fair guy :slight_smile:

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I have friended you!


Ok thanks a lot I’ll accept it

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