I cant buy 5 dollar premuim

Hello everyone! I want to buy 5 dollar premuim because my subscription ended and all I can see on the page to buy premuim is the 20 dollar version. Any ideas of whats going on?

Can you share the image with us so we can get a visual understanding of what may be going on?

Here you go (sorry im new to this so im slow)

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That’s strange… on my device it displays like this:

Luckily there is still another option left when it comes to buying Premium. On the left hand side of your screen, if your on computer, there is a button that says ‘Get Premium’:

When you click on this button, it will take you to the official Premium purchasing page. If you scroll down a little, you should see this:

If you are wanting to subscribe/purchase this subscription, you would click the ‘Subscribe Now’ button and enter the details needed.

Let me know if you need more help. Hope this Helps.

When I scroll down there I see the same thing you see but only for 20 dollars. I dont know whats going on. Also it says your premium membership but I have never purchased 20 dollar premium before

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That is so weird and should have worked…

I found another post regarding this same issue:

Hopefully there is a way around this and if not, hopefully Roblox fixes this soon.

Roblox blocked premium function . Players can buy only 1 type of premium. All players have different types available.

Please search for your problem before posting. Above is a temporary solution to this problem I discovered

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Sorry about that! Sadly I tested your way and it does not work

Apologies, tone is virtually impossible in text and I was not trying to say that in a bad way. Weird how it didn’t work, I tried it successfully about a week ago. Hopefully this problem is fixed soon

Your all good. I did find one way that is you buy a gift card and enter the code then some person sent a link to the devforum that you can redeem your roblox credit for premium

It still works for me!

Do you really need premium or?

Lucky! Well, I was hoping to because I have some free UGC limited right now I want to sell

Aw that’s a bummer, I wanted to give you a $10 roblox giftcard to make up for the bug, sorry! Hopefully it’s fixed.

No, you dont have to do that lol