I do not completely understand raycasting projectiles

  1. I want to make a hitbox for a simple fireball move using raycasting

  2. I have no idea how I would get rays to fire on every side of a part and (from what I have tried)
    they only fire in one direction yet for a hitbox I would need the rays to fire all around the hitbox

  3. I tried adding a few attachments to the part and it worked quite well however the rays only go in one direction and every ray does its own damage.

I need assistance with making a full hitbox and making it so that when one ray hits the others don’t hit again.

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the attachments fire rays to the red part so they only go in one direction yet i would need them to fire all around the part to make a correct hitbox

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this is my code

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You might want to take a look towards shapecasts for this, as long as the hitbox isn’t too big you should be fine using this alone.

This should also solve your other problem of each ray doing it’s own damage, however if it doesn’t consider adding a debounce right after the projectile collides with something.

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thank you man never even hear of shapecasting before but I will definitely check it out

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