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So you know the classic roblox thing of where when you have a moving object, in my example a boat thats auto moving forward, and you jump your player will go backward in the direction the boat is moving because the player isn’t connected to the momentum of the boat, (because in roblox when you jump you lose the momentum in which you are going which isn’t a thing,) how would I edit the momentum thing or possibly solve this, 60% of players who play my game end up drowning cause of jumping while on the boat

Check this out. It may be what you’re looking for.

put a ControllerManager and an AirController inside the players humanoid, you may need to fiddle around with the AirController’s properties but by default it should be set to do what you want
i believe the controller manager is still in beta so it will only work in studio and not in live games until it’s released.

Thank you, it works well and is great, I see why its not out yet though, the lag it produces and the strange flickering is… off to say the least thank you though, when It releases I will likely use it

You should mark @Imperiector 's answer as the solution; however, if you need a quick fix that works now you should take a look at Mover Constraints, specifically Align Position. It will allow you to apply a force that pushes the character back onto the boat when they begin to fall back.

Thanks for the help, it doesn’t work though I float above and am just generally glitching out

thats helpful but I generally am not a programmer, I will mark his solution as the answer,

(if your free for part time work I would love to have you come onto my one piece game and help out with 2 features, I really am not a scripter and trying to make a game like this is like a kid trying to build a house.)

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