I don't know where to start with my custom character idea

What do i wanna create?
I wanna try to improve my scripting skills by making a custom character customization i wanna make a squared character like this game Button Royal But i don’t know how i can start on this project i am searching alot on the dev forum and youtube but i can only find normal customization things that is just the normal character but not a square if you can help me can you try telling me or giving me something how i can create this?

btw it need to save with a datastore but idk how cause if i am gonna do it with a datastore i will create 100000 value’s and that will give me an error so help me please if you can.

If you mean avatar customization in-game, then you can use the AvatarEditorService. The link goes to the DevHub’s article on it.

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ty for your help but do you have any help for me for a datastore so that i don’t need to create 10000 value’s for it cause it will propably not save because of to many request’s?

I recommend you check out this article on Data Stores: Data Stores | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

Also you should create a custom serializer if you want to save the player character data. Here’s another article for that: How to save parts, and the idea of Serialization.

also the previous question from the avatar is not kinda good cause i wanna create a new avatar but idk how and i can’t find it still andd i don’t understand that article from that AvatarEditorService cause is that not used to do the avatar changer from roblox? and not a custom skin like a squar

To create a custom character from scratch check out these articles:


They will help you understand the actual character model works and how to rig your character.

EDIT: Thanks to @ULTR4ST0RM for the updated article link.

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That article has been updated. I recommend you edit your post with my new one here: