I don't want to use the gamepass services Roblox is offering, but I think I'm forced to

I’m in the middle of transferring a big update to my main game, and I’ve had the regular asset ID’s of my gamepasses for testing, but when making the new passes for my main game I can’t seem to find anything other than the new standard gamepass ID.

Is there any way to get the ID which works for things like :PromptPurchase() and events like .PromptPurchaseFinished? Cause currently these things don’t seem to work with the new gamepass ID’s.

Ah! Didn’t realize they had :PromptGamePassPurchase() and .PromptGamePassPurchaseFinished in there.
It’s a shame it doesn’t work with Studio testing though.

EDIT: Alright, turns out these features don’t work AT ALL anyway. Can I please get some sort of solution or ETA for when I can sell gamepasses and expect these new features to work?

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Can someone help?

This isn’t something Roblox will oblige. They switched to this new system for a reason.


They deprecated their new GamePassService, and I was looking for:


this is a known issue with a fix coming soon:

Switching over to a new gamepass without any testing whatsoever to ensure that it actually works was a major oversight. Hopefully this will lead to some very serious internal discussion.


A lot of the features work inconsistently, yeah

PromptGamePassPurchaseFinished definitely doesn’t work at all

I’m gonna have to delay a huge update release to my game simply due to this stuff. I tried working around it, but now allI can do is wait for this feature to be fixed/ released correctly.

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I’m stuck at not being able to release a new game completely or release it with out any monetization because of how dodgy the game pass system is.

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Could you please mention this on my bug report thread linked above?

Have you checked your history? I have a ton of gamepasses and I didn’t appreciate having this change forced upon me either. I managed to find some unused gamepasses and their assetids in my history so I can still release new gamepasses without a problem until I can officially change to the new system on my own time.

You can use Badges as a Gamepass at the mean time by letting the players buy a Devproduct and then you give them the Badge.

That’s just 1 solution of many.

I think it sucks that the Update broke Our games again, it caused a lot of problems before last year when they tried to Update the Gamepasses but then they decided to Roll back the update, and guess what? It still broke many games including my game :smiley:!