I have found enough modelers so we are closed

About Me

Hello, thanks for clicking on my post. My name is Dawson the head of Dawson Awesome Productions, a group that makes awesome games for people to play. I am passionate at creating things for other people to enjoy. Now if you see our group you may realize we do things differently but we mostly care about making the best possible games for people to play.


The Game we are making right now is our first game and it is like a hangout or roleplaying game, like Life in Paradise or Adopt and Raise a Cute Baby. However, we also plan to make big things in the future. Our group is just starting out and we barely have any group funds so we need people to work for FREE BUT ONLY FOR THE FIRST GAME. You know if you are just looking for something to do come help us.

Also if you do a good job and want to help us again in future games let me know and I can put you under the dev rank in our group and to work with our other devs. Also, anyone who helps with the game will be credited in the game.

You will receive credit in-game in the credit part of the menu and the dev board near the game spawn.

The Game plan is to make this game and get plenty of group funds and then move on to bigger games we will be paying you to make.

We are looking for like 2 more Modelers right now so.


You can contact me at any time my discord is DGamer341#4085
however, I am posting this and going to sleep soon so I will contact you within 24 hours I promise.


Our group funds currently are not even 100 yet so we are currently looking for someone who would work for free or just looking for something to do!

Thanks for reading! Also, this is my second Roblox dev forum post! Please consider the offer! ::slight_smile:


Hm i make GFX…Thats related to modeling right? Ah nevermind…

I can do that, but not for free, so, if you decide to buy robux or get some group funds, here’s my portfolio : [OPEN COMMISSIONS] Low Poly 3D modeller | Red1Monster

Although I’d assume finding developers to work for free will be hard especially if they believe you may not be doing anything but collecting the rewards from their hardwork, you need to make project details very clear.

Whats the gameplan of either full detail or summerised detail on here, if you’re not paying upfront there should still be some sort of payment usually percentage share of profits, how big is the team as this highly affects how the %s will be shared, what is your background or are you doing in the project, what market research have you done and how much will be spent on advertising etc.

Making a game requires most of the details above listed when it comes to recruiting as most people may not take it serious even those who maybe able to sparetime for the project without upfront.

Best of luck and remeber to have fun!

ok thanks for the advice that really helps

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