I Keep Getting Notified For A Post I Already Read

Hello, everyone. So today I went on the forum, and I got notified for a reply five or four times today. The thing is, I read the post YESTERDAY. Even when I clicked on the notification, a few hours later it would send me the same notification for the same reply. Anyone else been having this problem?


If you are getting notified of a new reply on a topic, then you probably have the topic set to ‘Watching’

I was the one who created the topic. When someone replied, I clicked on the notification and responded, but then a few minutes later it gave me the same notification for the same reply I had already replied to.

It looks like the notification wasn’t marked as read. By default, all the topics you create are set to the “Watching” notification status.

This is a real issue. On this post, I get notified every hour from this specific response. It’s a bug. It is so annoying, I have to mute it, but I can’t because I need to hear the response.

No. This is a valid topic. Bugs should not be reported to them.


In the Preferences option in Notifications there should be an option that when you read a period of time in a topic automatically notifies you of all activity, simply change it to Never and done

Your not reading the topic. The issue is that the same post keeps giving you a notification for that specific post. I’ve had it too.

I don’t think it’s their job to fix forum bugs. When I created this topic the template said specifically to put forum bugs here.

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Looks like a Discourse issue, might want to ask meta.discourse.org about it


This is probably because the forum consists of X distributed instances and Discourse isn’t doing a good job at de-duplicating work / not putting the notification there if you’ve already read the post in the mean-time.

Look at the symbols the notifications have.
The hearts mean likes, and the return symbols mean replies. You might get notified for the same topic if a person likes and replies to it.