I live in Asia but I keep getting servers that are in other region

Starting to get this issue recently, my default servers are Frankfurt, Germany but somehow I manage to connect to Asian servers specifically Tokyo,Japan at 300+ ms. No VPNs or IP manipulation is utilized and my connection is all done through the green play button through my ISP’s provided IP address.


Also experiencing getting the wrong servers now. No VPNs or IP manipulation as well and for some reason Roblox decides to sometimes keep giving me servers in Asia when I’m the first person to join. I am in Canada. The servers it gives me are some of the worst latency I can have. It is very frustrating to play games that involve a lot of teleporting (like dungeon crawlers) because I am often not getting servers that are good for me.


I have similar issues recently, whilst locating in Asia and with no VPNs or IP manipulations, Roblox will put me into US servers (west coast servers to be exact), some time getting Europe ones as well. However in the past I usually get Tokyo servers or sometimes Singapore. (This also happens when joining VIP servers with 0 players)

Edit: this is sometimes quite annoying when trying to host events through VIP servers while most players are in Asia, Roblox uses US servers and therefore everyone has quite high ping

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Playing competitive games like Counterblox (shows where the server is), could be quite annoying when I connected to the wrong server. Every time, I try to join, it always connects to the wrong server even though I am way far from it. Usually around 250ms+.

Seems like Roblox is continuing to disappoint us with bad connection. I have joined several time over and over again. Can’t even join my own server region :joy::anger: (Asia)