I made a beautiful handsome alien

thanks but i will never forget “:flushed: I wonder if he’s free tonight”

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Looks like I’ve made a legacy for myself then, tell my children I wrote the dictionary…thanks.

That alien is the best, I think you did an excellent job!

That thing is pretty handsome, hopefully I look like them one day.

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Wonderful. I envy you :star_struck:

The alien reminds me of gramby from road to gramby’s lol,but still i like it😎

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Now this is some nice art!!! Great alien!

I can’t say it’s a medium sculpt because an alien can be anything. Good job!
This was one of my first sculpts, here:

EDIT1: I don’t mean to be rude, it’s just constructive criticism

Nice job,


looks kinda like you just added a sphere and then clicked the sculpt mode draw tool and then draw sharp tool for a few seconds

Pretty sure its satire and meant to look this way :sweat_smile:

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