I made a Feedback UI Panel

These are the UI I made for a friend’s commission. My friend said he wanted a Feedback UI that is simple, easy to understand yet pleasant to eyes.

So I made a UI that is already similar and familiar to Discord.

Any improvements or critics to my ui design?


Where does the feedback go to? Do u use like an HTTP webhook or something?

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Very cool!
You could add buttons for the type (Bugs, Features, etc.)

@Zozaf100 its probably just a GUI, it probably doesn’t have a Webhook currently

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Pretty nice, was this inspired by Discord?

All I’d say is the “tippy tap” text should be a bit smaller, otherwise pretty well done


I say maybe make the textbox text size smaller, because it is nearly the same size as the Feedback title. Also, make the text under the cooltip have a lighter color, because it is a bit hard to read.

Other than that, great job! It looks very pleasant to the eyes.

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Very nice!

Please check this out:

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I absolutely agree with this. Using proper margin greatly improves UI consistency and it’s generally a lot more pleasing. Coming back to the main post, I don’t see any major problems. However, decreasing the font size of the ‘tippy-tap’ frame would feel more convient.