I made proper VFX (animated)

gonna use this cool style for my upcoming game. I’m glad i learned it!
Is it good?
EDIT: i made another one
but i forgor :skull: to add a black background.
EDIT: done it

Which do you think is better?

  • blue one
  • orange one
  • Orange one with materials

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It looks good, I like the animation!

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I like it! the end was pretty choppy though but its good!

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It looks very nice. 9/10 the only thing i would change is the orb in the middle should have another orb that is solid.

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I wanted ot make it sorta expode at the end, but I lost track of which keyframes were to scale it and which were to make it visible.

Is this for Roblox or a game outside of Roblox. It’s hard to tell

What software are u using? Looks good.

It was made outside of ROBLOX but yeah you can import it into roblox with the animation

I used Blender. And I learned from a tutorial.

I added another one

EDIT: i changed the materaals

I don’t understand how you could import the animation into ROBLOX.
How does ROBLOX know all the thresholds and texture things during the animation?

Its exported as an .fbx animation file which roblox can read.

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Oh, I never knew that. I’ll have to try it sometime, Thanks!

There;s also a plugin for roblox that lets you do it right here

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How did you animate the mesh? I couldn’t find any tutorials on it