I need a headstart to how to make a custom sandbox tycoon

Hi user of the devforum! Thanks for reading my message! I recently just learned to do basic scripting like how to make revolving doors or change a part’s color every time someone touches it but currently I have a quite big project for my level of scripting right now and i would like a little headstart. I want to make a custom sandbox tycoon, and more specifically a tesla car tycoon (might change the name because of copyright). Also I think that this is a discussion thread but i’m not sure and i don’t have access to it :frowning:

What would you suggest if you would make a sandbow tycoon?

For now i’m planning to make:

  • A saving script w/ leaderboard
    -Terrain (already did)
    -Currency compatible with the tycoon
    and a loading screen cutscene (can be done by a plugin i think but i’m testing)

I tried drkater’s sandbox tycoon (free model) but it was kinda old and broken (with updates etc…)

I don’t ask for a full script but maybe just some advice or tips to help me in my project!

Thanks !


Whelp guess I’m going to try doing it myself

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Hi there, this is way too advanced for me to provide a script to handle any sandbox placement/saving, but I am willing to help in anyway I can.

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Okay! I’m going to salvage a lot of my old projects to make a big one so maybe it could work :smiley:

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For the saving system, have you thought of using DataStore 2?


Yes i did! You read in my mind lol


Good evening, this will help you with coding, and it explains to you how to build/script this


Ah yes, if I am correct that would be Z-Blox, he posted these tutorials starting in Jan 2019. I remember looking at this, I would watch these as a reference because we would be unsure if anything is outdated/deprecated.


Use ZedNov’s Tycoon Kit and YouTube Tutorial.


Would be a good idea for a normal tycoon; however OP is looking for a sandbox game (Miners Haven, Lumber Tycoon or a game with a placement System).


I am aware this is over a year old, not sure if you figured it out or started but a few months back I made a kit that might help you with doing this! :smiley:

I hope this helps, Zonix.