I need building help

Hey builders,

I’m wondering where or what I can do to get better at building, currently my builds are terrible. If you can provide websites or YT videos, that would help a lot.



I’d just look at others builds. Or just start off with low poly builds. That’s how I started. You should to.


I suggest going to youtube and ofcourse the devforum here to look for stuff that can help you improve building.

I formerly builded, and when I did build; I would just look what I can do and try to improve it.


@DieSoft has a fantastic series over on his YouTube which can introduce you to a lot of fundamentals such as plugins, methods & tricks as well as a long follow-along tutorial on how to build a shack, which’ll give you a nice end result while teaching you the entire process from the ground up.

But yeah, the way most creators learn is by trying. You’ll suck to begin with, everyone did. Keep at it and always try improve or try new things. It’s good to compare yourself only to yourself and not others, save old work and look at it further down the line - you’ll see your improvement.

Wish you the best of luck!

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Please search before posting another similar topic. This was just asked three days ago this is becoming a often topic that’s gets brought up: short answer practice learn and start creating.

Find an image your wanting to recreate inside studio see what parts or shapes it features so you’ll get the proper materials or textures correct, this is something you could take along the process. Definitely try focusing on something your most interesting in. Just practice build something whatever pops up in your head or look at other people’s builds or a developer that inspire you to create.

I’m not going to go into details since there are numerous of topics that have already been asked and brought up again.

You should read the Developer Forum. There is very useful info. there.

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I would get used to all the features, and tools in studio to see how they work and act. I would also watch beginner tutorials and then advanced ones to improve your building. Then you can start building without tutorials. Try to not use free-models in toolbox. Put me as solution if this helped you. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can go here if you need any beginner tutorials. https://developer.roblox.com/en-us/learn-roblox/studio-basics

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You can hire me to make some builds for you! I’m great at it you can message me back if you want examples and stuff.