I need help building an irregular shape

Talking about this if I am correct image

No. Sorry, I miss spelled it. I mean Torus.

Why do they care if it’s CSG or just a mesh from toolbox? As long as you use it properly, you’ll be fine.

Alright I’m working on it right now.

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I also need to be able to build inside of it. I know you can do this with blender, but I don’t know how to use that. I don’t know if I can negate a torus mesh from the toolbox.

Try Tinkercad. It has a lot of shapes that can’t be found in either Studio or Blender. I believe it has a torus mesh. It is also possible to negate parts in Tinkercad.

I believe it would be best to really try get to learn your ways around blender. What you’re trying to achieve is simple and could be done with an hour or two of practice and getting to know blender.
Once you learn your controls and basic hotkeys, blender really is not a hard tool to use for basic assets.

Use Blender, then import it. When you click the “Add” button, hover or click on “Meshes” and then you will find a Torus. Import that to the Roblox Studio.

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Well there’s a torus in blender already, why not use that? It’s also very customizable:

Yes, I know you didn’t want to use blender but it’s not really hard and is very convienient.

If you want to negate with CSG, try getting Archimedes 2 so that you can negate in circles.

@VegetationBush and @Awesomegamer50028ALT, he already said he doesn’t want to use blender/meshes as he needs to negate and modify it easily

Oh… Maybe get a sphere, then duplicate the sphere, and play round with it until you’re able to union, then negate it.

You may want to experiment with using unions and a cylinder part since you’re trying to achieve something simple. I don’t generally use unions, you may want to use the Csg primitive it can create or generate those primitive objects, I prefer you learn and experiment a little bit with CSG rather than using a plugin that generates the parts for you where you click a ‘create button’ I’m assuming the (CSG primitives is still an available option if you prefer that).

You may have to use a few combination of plugins when necessary, here is a method that is useful for creating primitive objects related to torus:

I can think of a really makeshift way:

Get a sphere, get a cylinder and make it a certain width in the middle and cut it, but before moving it, grab another cylinder and put it over where the sphere is and make it the same diamter as the sphere, then cut it as well with the cylinder.

Then use the leftover cut cylinder, grab another sphere of the same diamater, and cut the outside part with the cylinder, now you should be left with two parts, one outside part of the torus, and one inside. Then merge together via union.

Most hackiest but might give an okay result? Though I’d of course recommend blender if you can or you can do the old fashioned way and have rotated cylinders as @jordonh23 linked.

just search up donut in the toolbox.

Really? You can import tinkercad objects into studio? Huh.

I think this will work, but that leaves me with more questions. How do I deform spheres, for example. I have seen it done. Somehow people are able to create ellipses from circles and squish them.

No. I will not. I already told you that I won’t.

You import them to Blender, then into studio

Create a part, insert a specialmesh or mesh inside (not a meshpart, but a mesh (those purple things)), then in properties, look for sphere. Then you’ll have a deforming/squishing ball.

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This is a plugin I use very often, and it’s super easy to make irregular shapes with it. Just grab a cylinder, click on x or x^2 (depends on the rotation of the cylinder), change the angle and cylinder size around, and click ‘Render Full Circle’ Using this program, you can even make things like cones and spheres. Depending on your settings, it can create a whole lot of parts. In order to decrease lag, I recommend grouping the object you’ve created, right clicking on it in the explorer, and clicking ‘Export selection.’ Insert a mesh part with the mesh you’ve just created, and you’ll be able to resize the shape with much-decreased lag.

Link: Archimedes (v3.1.9) - Roblox