I need help for posting topics

Hello sorry for the first topic that I have posted because I didn’t know which category my first post should go, so I need help with guideline for posting topics and ideas on the dev forum.

Could you please help me?

With regards acecombat606


Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum - #34 by Roblox those are the rules you should look over to make sure you are not breaking them, another thing is that each time you try to make a post in a certain category, it will provide the basic guide to using that format.


You can look on where others put there stuff also the categories that you select for a post explains what it’s for and even if it’s a mistake it’s all good cause you can edit :+1:


Thanks I keep it in mind. This is really helpful.


Dear thewizard, thanks for liking my reply and I have 3 questions about which categories if I should post my game and simulation ideas in the dev forum.


  • question 1: which category is suitable for showing your game and simulation ideas on the dev forum?
  • question 2: could there be members who might be interested in my ideas for my games and simulations?
  • question 3: will my ideas be well received?

Thanks for your help and like.

With high Regard acecombat606

  1. You can show your progress and work on creations feedback topic, also the development discussion is good for talking about ideas and plans with other developers.

  2. of course, there are millions of devs on the forums that will be interested on your creations.

  3. yes they will, it honestly depends on the people but alot of people are nice on the forums.


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