I need help with making GUI'S

Hello i am not an good designer of UI’s and i want some help if someone can cause i’m now currently using Paint 3D from microsoft but i’m getting problems with the low quality picture’s but i don’t really want to spend money for making UI’s so if you know a good program please send me Thx for reading!

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there is a broswer photoshop called “pixlr” you can use that by using the full HD template


Ty it’s looks like a great photoshop!


photopea is a cool replacement, and its not hard to use too.


Paint 3D is a more modeling program used for creating little scenes as it does have little options to make UI put it isn’t a program really dedicated to that as the tools it provides users with are a low standard point. Try researching some programs to use; common choices for creating UI in gimp - inkscape - paint net.

There are a many alternative programs, since you’re into making UI gimp and Inkscape for are go - to programs where you can produce some quality designs in; consider doing a quick search around as similar questions have been discussed in previous threads resources.