I need help with multiplayer seperate places

Hello, I need some help with how to get a button to create a multiplayer place and teleport the player that clicked the button. I’ve been struggling to find any data or information on this issue.

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This may help you

Hello. You can do that by creating child places inside main game in asset manager.

then make single player button teleport to single player place and multi. to multi.

To make join friend system you can use this: Find player in another server (best method?) - #6 by Xysteric

hello, i did that but i want it to create a multiplayer server for each every player that clicks it if you understand

So like a vip server?


yes kind of, but so the player doesn’t have to create it, the game does it for them

You can use ReserveServer method of TeleportService TeleportService | Roblox Creator Documentation