I need some help

Ok so I am really making progress with my obby but I have a hurdle… It’s the UI, on the studio screen it looks fine but on the real game it looks really ugly, now don’t get me wrong I’ve done my research and I changed the anchor point to 0.5, 0.5 and the offset to 0 but it’s still not working my problem is not with size but position and the problem is mainly with text labels.

On my PC they look fine but on Ipad they are placed like 24 units from where I want them to be, so if possible please provide the most easiest to understand explanation that does not result in my UI looking sub par


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I still am waiting for an answer so please help me asap

Use the little mobile button to see what the UI will look like on mobile devices (sorry my example is so horrible) - image

I know about that but that does nothing, it just shows how it would look thanks though for trying to help.

You need to scale/shrink the UIs for smaller screens. Check out this plugin, should help you alot. https://devforum.roblox.com/t/plugin-autoscale-lite-for-guis-scale-your-ui/


I tried to install it but I failed it says something about a asset id not being valid

The magic of a 2018 plugin, lol

It basically made it easier to mess around with UIAspectRatioConstraint. Roblox handles the UI for you as long as you tell it to.

It’s usually better and easier if you just use a plugin imo. Does anyone else have a good UI plugin for him to use?

that shouldn’t be happening, could be a studio bug

I saw this come up like 2 days ago if this is still going on it’s… worrying

You have to convert the size & position values to Scale instead of Offset.

A great way to do it is with ZacBytes’s plugin sent by @Strikey2003, though I believe that something is wrong with installing plugins since I can’t install any either.
You’re going to have to do it manually for now or wait until you are able to install plugins again.

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