I need to make Torso Uncollidable but I can't for some reasons

  1. What do you want to achieve?
    I want my character lower and upper torso be uncollidable. Only the humanoid root part must collide.

  2. What is the issue?
    I used those line of code but it don’t work. There are no errors but the torso keep being collidable.

character.LowerTorso.CanCollide = false
character.UpperTorso.CanCollide = false
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im not sure if you can even do that cause i tried it before and it didnt work. As soon as it changes to false it just changes back to true for some reason. i think roblox studio doesnt allow it or something. Edit: I think roblox studio doesnt allow it cause if you did that your character would just phase through everything including the floor.

If you want the players to not be able to collide with each other, there is a way to do this by changing the CollisionGroups. Just google ‘how to disable player collisions’ :slight_smile:

I just want only the HumanoidRootPart be collidable to prevent player animations to change their collision box.

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You would need collisiongroups because the character would fall through th floor without CanCollixe on

But if the HumanoidRootPart stay collidable, this will prevent the player from falling through floor.

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Have you tested that or do you only think so?

Here try this