I Remodeled the Lab now what do I put here? 2/2 Feedback

Hey Devs!

Thanks for the ideas on the last post Thank you for the ideas! Now the lab looks like it’s standing up and I made the parking lot bigger. Now what do I put in the blank square of grass. (Besides vegetation) Also if you could change 1 thing about the lab what would it be? Help me make this game better! (THe Blank square of grass is between the lab and the parking lot!

Thank You!

hey there ! I’ve got a few ideas on what you can put there.

  1. lunch area for the workers
  2. some kind of area where they keep test subjects or animals
  3. a sort of food court where they can get food
  4. a parking building because why not.

other than those I got nothin’ else for ya, hope it helps !

Thanks you for this idea! This is the most updated version of the lab if you want to check it out! The Lab Build Is Complete! What Do You Think (Please Give Feedback Until June 1st) - #2 by anon53193547

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