I want to start UI designing, but where do I start?


Do any of you guys know a free UI designing software or something where I can practice making GUI’s and whatnot? I’ve been wanting to get into UI Designing on ROBLOX but I really don’t know where to start, any recommendations (plugins, software, sites etc)



Adobe XD, Adobe InDesign, Mockplus, Wireframe CC (the most simple of them all!), and even Photoshop.

I’ve used all of these for design mockups as well as finished products, but they all have the principles you need to learn basic layout/UI design. If you really want to get into UI design on Roblox specifically, all I can recommend is to open up Roblox Studio and get in there! Learning via another platform could potentially lead you astray as they oftentimes have more features or different controls than Studio does, so the best place to learn is where you’ll be implementing your skills.

After a quick Google search, I also found this great resource:


Paint.net and gimp are great software for starting. You can even do advanced work on these programs too. When you start you can look up tutorials on how to use the program that you chose. Once you get the hang of how to use the program go on google and find some simple UI designs. Or you can even duplicate your favorite roblox game’s UI or try and improve it. Then you can build to harder more advanced stuff.

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I use Adobe Illustrator pretty much exclusively

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Lol forgot that existed, here’s mine too:


I can’t believe I forgot about Paint . NET when that’s literally what I use most of the time. It’s pretty powerful for being a free program once you know how to use it. Everything takes about 2-3x as long as it would on something like Photoshop, but it gets the job done.


Gravit Designer is what I use. It’s a bit slow, but it has all the features you’ll need for vector and UI editing and it’s free.


Remember that it’s not just about looks - it’s important to know how to make them look good on different platforms, whether that be odd aspect ratios (i.e. 4:3 on tablets or older monitors) or different screen resolutions.

Try to use scale rather than offset wherever possible.

UIAspectRatioConstraint can be very useful.

Learn what LayoutOrder and UI(Grid/List)Layout are used for.

AnchorPoint can be very useful for keeping things central, for example.


My oh my! So many useful tips and softwares! Thanks guys.

paint . net is a great tool if you don’t have access to programs like Photoshop. GIMP is too but I personally prefer PDN.

Like @Space_Baa said, things such as UIAspectRatioConstraint can be very useful. AnchorPoints are very useful as well. Hope this answered your question! :smiley:


https://www.getpaint.net/ like @Raven_Incendria said.

Photoshop has more tools but PDN you can easily download the same tools as plugins.

Imo PDN is superior to PS for UI

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I use Photoshop to create custom UI images and borders. Takes a while to learn it though and it can be frustrating.

paint.net is good for making ui for me. I can’t really use Photoshop cause it costs usd so I use paint.net.

Photoshop also costs usd.

Does it? :wink:

Are you giving it away to people for free?

I will take a free version if you are giving it away?

I would start on Pinterest, Behance, and Dribbble, and search “game ui”.
Find something you like, then try to replicate it on Roblox.

I don’t think we should be promoting piracy on here.

If you want photoshop, I’m pretty sure you can get it legally for a monthly fee now. It’s like $9.99/Month. Personally, I would pay for it once, but if you don’t have the money this is a good way to get your feet wet.

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Very true. Piracy is bad.

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