I'd like some feedback about my menu UI layout

Make a contrast between the three main buttons to the background. As you can see, the colour of the MINIGAMES box is only a slightly darker blue than the background, it just looks too mixed up. I suggest trying to put shadows or outlines around the buttons, or maybe experiment with new colour palettes as @Elttob has suggested.

Look what happens if you could add a title somewhere on top there, it might be visually good looking. Remember, if this is a menu, you want to leave a good impression to new players, so there’s a higher chance for them to come back. The background can even be replaced with something more unique and aesthetically pleasing. I would try with gradients or some images/thumbnails that reflects your game.

The following image, for example, can be used to replace your bland-looking background.

If you want to do something more advanced, consider using Tweening and animations. Other than that, the shopping/settings bar down the bottom left corner seems to obstruct the whole point of a main menu. It looks annoying to me, so perhaps you can move it somewhere else.

A question for you, how satisfied are you with your current UI layout? Is there any specific thing you’re aiming for?

Good luck designing!

I think you could at least keep the theme the colour scheme you have with two of those icons to the settings icon.

With the bottom UI, you add a shadow but you don’ do the same for the other buttons. It looks pretty left out, you should make it consistent throughout your other buttons. But personally, I think there shouldn’t be a shadow there at all.
Nevertheless, good changes.

Looks simple, and not overly complicated, but I would prefer a better background on the main menu

Closing this for now because my game is still in pre-alpha.

The UI looks a bit bland. I think you need to add characters on it to make it more lively too.


  • Choose a new font
  • Add a ‘hover’ effect
  • Add more characters to make the UI stick out
  • Change the background color from blue to gray/dark gray
  • Outline around ‘Party’, ‘Minigames’ and ‘Extras’ UIs
  • Why is ‘party’ singular while ‘minigames’ and ‘extras’ are plural

Other than that, I like the UI. Take suggestions from other people and take note of this


The UIs themselves do need some polish, but I definitely see a good start.