Idle animation script help

Just Animation.idle is not the correct parent to play the animation, it’s Animate.idle.Animation1 I believe


So would that make it look something like this? Or would I also remove the IdleAnim?

Actually, could you go ahead and show the Explorer to where the Animate script is and it’s children?

At first I had it in Workspace but then I was told to put it in ServerStorage and that still didn’t work. Not sure what you mean by children, I don’t think I ever put in anything for that. As you can probably tell, I’m an awful scripter.

Ah, yeah please put it inside ServerScriptService and do this:

  • Click Play

  • Click “Client” which will change it to the server-side (In studio)

  • Find where the “Animate” script is on the Character inside the workspace

  • Check to see it’s parents, try to find the idle.Animation1 object

Ok so I did exactly what you said and in the animate script, there is no Idle.Animation1 object anywhere.


BUT there is this and this might be what I need to change it

Yeah that’s what you’d need to change, I think I may know how to fix it here:

  • Try copying the script when clicking “Play”, stop the simulation, & put it inside StarterCharacterScripts

  • Open up the script and find the idle animation, paste the ID into what you want your idle animation to be

  • Click Play and see if anything changes

As it seems fate is against me, It didn’t work, it only reset the idle animation back to it’s default instead of making the character have no Idle animation.

Hit play, and copy the animate script from your character, then stop play testing. Paste the script and put it in StarterCharacterScripts. Change the value that is parented to it of the idle animation, AND the one that is located in the script. Lemme know if this works.

The value should be a descendant of the script, search for it and change it there as well.

I tried as well but it didn’t change anything, it also made the animation back to its default.

Hm, that’s a weird issue then

I was referring to this post for a reference, which is very strange:

Yeah I’m not sure if I can really change animations right now at the moment, I’ll probably scrap the feature temporary until someone makes a guide or finds a solution for this. Thank you so much for all of your help, you are a chad among chads.

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Are you playing the animation?

Nevermind, seems like you are, but in a localscript.

If you want everyone to see the animation, make sure you give the client the animationtrack by server.

I’m no scripter/programmer, but I can make an animation or two.

  • Do you want everyone to do the animation, or just selected people?

Also, i’m pretty sure that you have to delete the “Animate” localscript inside the character in order to have the custom one working.
Because the one operating first has full control, while the other doesn’t.

I have the animation I want, but I want everyone who joins the game to have the animation

check if your person or humanoidrootpart is anchored

You can find some code examples here that may help you.

Also check out this to see all properties available.

Try changing the animation IDs inside the idle value and the animation under it.


I think you might be trying to do this from the server. I’d recommend doing it from the client. Another thing to note is that there are two animations in idle: there is also a looking around animation. You also only run your code when a player joins. You probably want to run the code each time a character is made. You can do this by connecting to Player.CharacterAdded.

Here is an example code that would go in a local script placed in StarterPlayerScripts:

local Workspace = game:GetService("Workspace")
local Players = game:GetService("Players")
local player = Players.LocalPlayer

	local newAnimation ="Animation")
	newAnimation.AnimationId = ""
	local animateScript = character:WaitForChild("Animate")
	local idle = animateScript:WaitForChild("idle")
	for _, child in ipairs(idle:GetChildren()) do

	newAnimation.Parent = idle