If I put an instance as a child of game, will it be replecated to clients?

I think he was just reinforcing the knowledge that ServerStorage, in fact, does not run BaseScripts.


But I’m pretty sure the folders don’t replicate in team create.

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Not sure. All I know is that I had folders directly parented to game that got deleted when I turned team create on, but were shown again when I turned it back off.

note to self: turn team create on BEFORE adding folders to game

I’m pretty sure any folders you put in after Team Create is turned on won’t save.

The fact that they “got deleted” when you turned on Team Create shows that they were actually not replicating in Team Create. They weren’t deleted, they just didn’t replicate to you

Team Create uses a server/client system just like normal games. In order to edit with others, you connect to a Team Create server that Roblox hosts and you act as a client. Because Folders in game are not replicated to clients, you (a client) can’t see the one on the server in Team Create. It’s also very likely that any folders you make will not be sent to the server in Team Create, and therefore will not save in Team Create.

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Ah, alright.