If my audio is moderated, are my Robux refunded?

I’m uploading a short radio clip of a 1960s Dodgers baseball game to ROBLOX. I’m going to use this in my game. I’ve checked the copyright law and this clip should be in the public domain (i.e. copyright has expired). However, if my audio is moderated for some reason :roll_eyes: , do I get a refund for the Robux I spent on it?


You do get a refund for rejected audio, be it for copyright or other moderation.

If it does get copyrighted, you can probably reach out to dev rel so long as you have proof that it’s in the public domain.


How would I reach out? Does that occur via email or the forums?

this thread will help you out on this

don’t post something you don’t know if it will be moderated or not. Always be safe. +roblox support sucks, got a 70 robux audio moderated and couldn’t get it back and they rarely respond to my emails

If it’s rejected instantly, yes.
If it’s content deleted some time later no.

Yes, audios do get refunds unless your account get terminated.

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Yup, your account does get a refund if it gets instantly rejected but If it will be content deleted later on you will not get your refund back. Probably will get your account banned for 3 days or a termination.


Contact customer support if you’re positive about that


Can confirm.

I also uploaded two different audios at different dates recently that got moderated. I did not receive a refund for any of the audios.

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yep, just uploaded a audio for 350 robux, got copyright.

bye bye money


this is so much money down the drain, i hope they fix this

Roblox has been rejecting my own music and not even refunding me for it. I try to contact support and I just get some generate copy-paste reply about how I can use their licensed audios that have about as much personality as corporate music. All this music I made is now useless because I can’t publish it to other platforms or Roblox’s copyright system will remove it