I'm not a talented builder, but this is my best. Suggestions and critique please

You might recognize the building.


That. Looks. Awesome.

Also, should I recognize it? :no_mouth:


If someone wouldn’t mind making some trees for me to put in the square grass sections that’d be great :slight_smile:

Gorgeous architecture. That’s Panem, and a Hunger Games place isn’t it?

“I’m not a talented builder”
Well, this build proves that wrong. The build looks great.

Looks like it to me, from during one of the trap scenes in the last movie.

I think it looks fantastic given the “perfectionism” theme you’re going for. If you were to add trees, you could do one of two things:

Have trees that look almost identical so go with the “clean, cut, and consistent military state” look where everything has order, right down to the plants.

Or you could add large and open looking trees that can symbolize freedom, creativity, and nature as a big “f-you” to the “Big Brother” and show as a statement that nature is chaos and order is temporary, that not even they can control nature.

It has to go with what your message is.

Im pretty sure its just one of the hotels in the capitol in the last hunger games movie.

Yep. I see it now. I kinda ignored the final movies due to how different it was.

Yes, it’s a building featured in Mockingjay: Part 2

It’s the lobby I’m using for The Hunger Games (Did the Spectate and Sponsor GUI objects give it away?)
Anyways, the tree’s will be a perfectionist look, given that it was under control of the capitol. I don’t believe I’m talented in building, although I would agree i’m skilled. I could only make this because I had pictures for reference.

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You might find this useful

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