Image On Webhook?

I am trying to use an image from roblox on a discord embed. No matter what I try, the image just won’t pop up. When using a random image from imgur, the image popped up perfectly, but for what I need, I can’t have to upload the image to imgur every single time.
(Top is using roblox URL and bottom is random imgur image)
For the roblox URL, I tried: ""..carImage.."&format=png", but this doesn’t return an image. Does anyone know how to do this?


AFAIK, I don’t think roblox supports uploading decals from to an external source.

However, does this is because its a image sharing platform and they support it.

I may be wrong but last I checked you can’t make requests to externally

Well, I’ve seen others with avatar busts from roblox on discord webhooks. I just can’t find out how to do it for a decal.

Here is the post I was talking about:

It’s using a script in roblox, so not externally.

Roblox replaced the "" endpoint a while ago and moved over to I don’t know how you can get this for decals, but for meshes you can use, however if you try this with a decal it returns a useless XML file. I’d recommend looking into the api endpoints that roblox has documented, and if you still don’t find anything, then try using fiddler to sniff your HTTP traffic.

Yep it definitely works at that url, but its indexed as a hash
I just tried running curl and it downloaded it just fine.

I’m not sure how you would get this index though?