ImageColor3 Issue

I uploaded a white image (a bar, but round edges: to Roblox. I was going to change the color and do some ImgRectSize and ImgRectOffset. That worked well, until I got to the color part:

See that black near the edges? qq Someone told me that was a roblox issue, so I I’m here reporting it. Can something be done about this; or is this going to be one of those things that will stay forever, making me upload 20 different colors of bars just so I don’t have this little issue?

The image was uploaded as a 256, 128.

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It’s called anti aliasing.

To avoid the black outline you have to upload your image at the same size you want to display it at.

Anti-aliasing doesn’t add in extra colors (black in this case). Here’s a thread explaining the issue: Black outline appears when scaling images

Apparently there’s a fix for it, but it isn’t enabled right now because there are some issues with it.

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Thanks Sharksie. Seems I’ll have to stick with this until that fix echo was talking about was fixed. Or just pretend the black does not exist at all…

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