ImageLabel keeps flickering after updating image id

I suggest you create some type of loading screen, that way while the game is loading you can make all of your images visible for a short period of time. (0.2 each maybe) This means it should render for the player in the future

Just make sure you have enough ZIndex so they don’t show up

I noticed that EVERY time the image still flickers even after the images have been ever loaded or used for the 2nd time.

you don’t need to create an ImageLabel to load the image, you can just do rbxassetid://id

local preloadIDTable = {} -- asset ids here

for i, id in ipairs(preloadIDTable) do
	preloadIDTable[i] = "rbxassetid://" .. id


I’ve found a solution, here is the link for it.

VideoPlayer by iceeburr

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