ImDylan - GFX Designer (OPEN)

Hi there! My name is Dylan and I am a Graphics Designer who makes GFX on the Roblox platform. I decided to make a portfolio to showcase my work and allow easy viewing of prices for commissions etc.

As I said a second ago, my name is Dylan and I currently live in England. I’ve been making GFX for about 3 years now and people call me ‘experienced’, even though I don’t think I am. :joy: I started GFX as a way to use up time and found I loved it more than building and scripting, so I chose it as my main work.

In this section you will be able to find some of my best work that I believe I should show to the community. I will try my best to update this frequently.



Profile Pictures


Flat Logos

Game Logos


Discord Banners


I do take commissions and am open to what you want me to make: whatever it is, I’ll give it a shot!
I will not make anything rude, inappropriate or against the Roblox Terms of Use however. Find out my pricing and how to contact me below.

My commissions are: :white_check_mark: OPEN

I do not generally have a pricing structure, however if you would like to suggest one to me in the comments, you are more than welcome. Usually my prices range from :robux_light:100 or over though.

If you wish to contact me, whether that be for inquiries or to commission me, I generally do it via Discord.

Discord - ImDylan#6019
Email -

If you do have any suggestions for me, please do not hestitate to contact me or post them in the comments below.
Thanks for reading, have a great day! :grin:


Nice work for a cheap price! :slight_smile:


Amazing work for excellent prices. Keep up!