Imie's anti-cheat Bulletin Board

[:shield:] imie’s anti-cheat (test experience link)

This anti-cheat prevents the following things:

:green_circle: = Detects you and kicks you from the game.
:orange_circle: = Doesn’t detect you but makes it unusable.

• [:green_circle:] WalkSpeed [showcase]
• [:orange_circle:] Aimbot
• [:orange_circle:] ESP
• [:green_circle:] Camera Aimbot [showcase]
• [:green_circle:] Flying / Floating
• [:green_circle:] Noclip
• [:green_circle:] Hitbox
• [:green_circle:] Desync
• [:green_circle:] Teleporting
• [:green_circle:] Illegal CoreGUI Assets [showcase]
• [:green_circle:] Executor Inserted Textboxes [showcase]
• [:green_circle:] HookMetamethod
• [:green_circle:] Multiple Roblox (Application that allows more then 1 Roblox Instance) [showcase]

This anti-cheat is still a work in progress so false positives may occur.

Playlist of all feature showcases

This Bulletin Board will get updated every time I make a change to the anti-cheat

Latest update: 11/05/2024

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