Import help: blender - studio

So I’ve been attempting to import this sword into studio from blender.
As you can see, a part is missing.
I have no clue what to do because I am very new to blender.
The blender photo shows how it looks in blender, and studio photo is how it looks in studio.


There are 2 solutions to this.

  1. In studio there is a property under meshes labeled Double Sided. If you check that it should fix the mesh.

  2. In blender you can view the orientation of faces on your mesh.

    Once the “face orientation ” box is checked, the mesh(es) should turn either blue or red. Blue faces are faces that are fowards (would show up solid in a game engine) and red faces are backwards (would be invisible in a game engine). To fix this go into editing mode and select the face(s) that is red. From there click shift + n (or go to the normals tab) and select Flip Face

Another method is selecting the entire mesh and instead of selecting Flip Face select Regulate Outside or Regulate Inside. Blender will calculate the face orientation of the entire mesh that way.

Hope this helps and happy modeling!


As @7538SAV said, it’s your Normals that are flipped. There have been a ton of posts about this already so a quick Search up above probably would have got you an answer.

Another issue is the triangular shaded areas in the blue section.
Go into Edit mode in Blender, choose the Face tool (not the Face tab) and click A to select all your faces.
Go to the Mesh tab, look in the dropdown for Normals, and click the Reset Vectors tool.
This should change all your face and edge orientations to make them render smoother visually.

If you want flat surfaces you can select those faces, go the the Face tab and change to Shade Flat, or if you want them rounded looking you can click Shade Smooth.