Improved DevHub Search

Searching something on the DevHub now makes it pop up first on the search! I also like the popup. No more guessing what you’re clicking on due to the truncation.


I have some quick feedback on a search term that still doesn’t show the correct results.
I searched “pcall,” which should’ve came up with this page: Lua Globals | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub
However, this page didn’t appear on the results at all


Will have something along the lines of player written articles in the future?
We have this on the dev forum in the form of posts in the resources category but I think having dedicated articles on the DevHub would be a better place for this.


This is an improvement, but in the screenshot you provided, a deprecated function that has been superseded by GetPlayers() for a long time appears as the second result. I think there should be an option to hide deprecated results or to show their newer replacements.

I also got some inconsistent results which changed when I changed sort tabs and switched back, but I’m unable to replicate this now.


I love it, thanks to you guys It now much easier for everyone to use the developer hub. I hope you’ll continue doing more updates for us creators as we appreciate anything that is done to improve and help us become better developers. :smiley:


Hey! Great update, however there are some visual errors with the new search bar. I’ve listed them out here in their own dedicated topic:

Will do! Please check out the topic I’ve made.


This is gonna save me lots of hours, when searching for something I need and needing sometimes going to some sketchy websites is always a risk, thanks roblox for making many people’s virtual lives easier


Good feature you’ve made there, much more easier to find things to use and helps new developers starting out. Thanks


Thank you! I was searching for os.time() the other day and the os page didn’t even show up! This improves everything.


Cool, maybe a feature you could add is gifs showing the function being run. And an example of the documentation of a code block for example


Great update! I’ve noticed a huge improvement in search results.

I use the wiki a lot to search the API pages. Right now, I have to click “API Documentation” to get the most relevant results. Because of that I’d love it if the wiki remembered my focused tab. That would reduce the number of steps in my workflow and reduce how much I have to switch between using my mouse and keyboard when alt-tabbing between browser and an open script.


This is a amazing upgrade for the search bar and such a big improvement!

Good job ROBLOX. This is a really good update which would change Devhub forever! And make it function smoother. This makeover is really good.

I use this a lot and that’s why this will help a bunch! Thanks. :wink:


This is a much better update, and I can get to results much quicker.

Now the search option is better, but how smart it actually is and the results it gave needs to be improved.

I can search for MeshPart but instead of giving the main page about meshparts(what it is and how to use it) it gives the properties of MeshPart for example MeshPart.MeshID instead of just giving me the main article.

I will have to browse a while before finding the main article.

Other than that this search feature is much better and requires less loading now.


Impressive. Now if only this update would migrate onto the normal roblox site and not just on devhub :frowning:


Is there a way to revert it? I like that it is changing but I prefer the old one myself.


There’s a really annoying bug / issue with the new search bar. If you start typing very quickly after clicking the search bar (which I do because I’m a keyboard ninja), the first few characters of your query end up in the old search bar and the rest in the new search bar.

Here’s me typing “Query” into the search bar real fast:


Ended up searching for “uery” :frowning: It might not be visible, but the Q is in the old search text field.

Also, I’d love it if the search box behind the new search window was somewhere along the top middle of the page, so I don’t have to move my mouse from allllll the way up in the upper right corner to somewhere in the middle of the page when I want to select a search result.

I’d love it even more if I could navigate the search results with arrow keys and select one with return/space bar.

Also also I’d love it even even more if I could focus/bring up the search box on the wiki with a keyboard shortcut :star2:


HUGE improvement love it


Some kind of ranking system for the search results would be nice. From the screenshot in the OP, the second result is a method that’s been deprecated for probably a decade


This looks like text input box, but it now acts as a button. The style of it should be changed to be more like a button


MUCH better than before. The previous search was horrendous


This doesn’t position itself very well on mobile devices.

A suggestion is do what other mobile apps do, lets take the iOS setting menu

Instead of appearing in a modal dialog, the search query fills the entire screen with a list of options scaled small


@megmavens5 Hey, thanks for the feedback! I just tried to search ‘MeshPart’, and the top result seemed accurate. Are you getting different results?

@WEcompany There is not a way to revert back to the old search - what specifically do you prefer about the older one?