Improvements to the Terrain Editor

Borrowing some keys from other software without making sure it’s fully compatible and adapting it properly into your own software is, in my opinion, gonna lead to a jumbled mess that will be hard to use.

Is there really a point in it?
It’s not like all software must adhere to some rigid standard. Some software is using these keys, some is using those.
When I’m using Roblox Studio, I expect Shift to work a certain way when scaling. When I’m in Roblox Studio, I expect it to work like Roblox Studio, not Photoshop.

What’s next? What other software is gonna break in and introduce its own way of “how Roblox Studio should work”?
You may choose to keep shortcuts the way they are in other software, to make it more universal perhaps, to make it easier to remember. But by doing that, you’d be doing the exact opposite.
I definitely won’t remember all the different shortcuts when each key is doing something different.


Will we get control over terrain blend gradients one day? As they’ve been the transitions between terrain materials are really sharp and to get a semi-decent looking blend requires sacrificing another material. I think offering control over this could take natural looking games to the next level.


We’ve revisited this shortcut and will be changing the proportional scaling from ALT to SHIFT. All other shortcuts will remain the same as they do not interfere with this change. If you ever find yourself losing track of shortcuts, you can hover over the label for the settings item to see if there are any. It looks like I missed one for the material picker, but Brush Mode, Base Size, Height, and Strength all provide tooltips.


I’m really excited about this, as I’ve been working with Terrain for a few years now and feel this will help me be much more productive.

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My life’s gonna be easier now!! That’s a VERY GOOD update. Thanks a lot !!

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As a terrain designer, this post has completely changed terrain for me.
Thank you for this change! It was very needed…

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Nice update, however we need more terrain options, such as coloring certain terrain instead of 1 global color. Another option could be choosing where terrain decorations are enabled, and where they aren’t, instead of 1 global option.


This is good, but I want to see even more - Terrain has always been a pain, IMO.
Takes a lot of effort to get good looking results. This will surely help, though.

Personally I want to see some terrain generation options within scripting. I think Roblox has pretty nice, if basic, biome generation that it’d be cool if I could generate on the fly & with more parameters.

I know, it’s better off to just custom-brew a sort of terrain generator, but I figure some developers might like a quick-and-dirty ability to just yeet some terrain into the world with specified variations.

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I personally think Shift while sculpting should erode instead. It feels somewhat wrong to have it be smoothing, so this will take a while to get used to. It could maybe be a setting or something. Generally though, good update!

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OOOOOOOOH MY GOOOOOOOD! FINALLY! This is going to be SO good for my future Work!


It’s great to finally see some love put into the terrain editor and clean it up!

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When are we getting support for importing hollowed terrain? Running a custom terrain-thinner script (that takes ages to run) reduces this massive 12000x12000 terrain from 126,732,106 cells to 28,000,000. That’s a massive 4.5x difference, and if I cranked the script up to extreme I can even reduce it to 18,000,000 though it begins to poke holes in the terrain. Massive unhollowed terrain is completely unusable with how much memory it takes up and how long players take to load it in. It can get so big that is actually refuses to publish because the saved TerrainRegions become too big if you try to have more than one map in your rotation.


Not to mention the massive lag caused by the memory used and lack of occlusion culling, there should also be a way to remove the tris on the underside of the terrain so they don’t render.


What’s next?
[…] You will also be able to save terrain regions as stamps which can be shared between places and experiences.

Will this allow users to upload terrain to the marketplace?


Awesome update! Quick question, are there any improvements planned as for example: smoother painting (no blocky edges/minimal blocky edges)?


Yes and no. We’re currently still prototyping how we want this feature to work. As such, we’re not entirely sure if this behavior will be supported. That being said, I can guarantee that it will not be receiving its own category in the marketplace and there will be no way to preview assets containing terrain in the marketplace.


I was playing around with the new feature and I wanted to provide feedback on two things.

Firstly, I think it would be really beneficial to include a way to set a region’s volume via width, height, length values. This would be especially beneficial when generating terrain to ensure the map is of a specific size.

EDIT: I just realized this can be done through the edit tab, but I believe it would be helpful for that information to be shown when on the create tab as well.

Secondly, I generated the this little chunk of terrain below, and I thought it looked so imaginative and well-made. It would be awesome if future updates allowed for terrain generation to create POIs (points of interest) such as paths and lava streams. Overall, I’m so excited to see this update and exceptionally excited for saving terrain regions as stamps.


This may be a little broken…

The selection moves when I move the camera, which definitely should not be a thing, the old selection box didn’t do this - How am I supposed to move around inspecting my selection to make sure I’m selecting what I want when it’s just gonna move around whilst I’m still dragging?

And most obvious of all, the wireframe visualisation is all skewed, of course it worked for the Roblox staff in the demonstration for some reason (this must explain why a lot of other bugged out features get approved), but for me, the user, it’s completely broken.

Except I can already see this wireframe visualisation getting in the way when inspecting my selection, I hope there will be a way to disable it.

Oh, to add: the fact that the brush part disappears when using it makes it hard to tell the area that you’re actively editing.
(This thing)

I rate this update a 7/10, finally a decent re-organisation except somewhat buggy and some (not a lot) negative UX choices


This sounds very cool and will improve my experience greatly, only one thing…
Make it easier to work with water, last time I worked with water it was impossible to delete it without taking over the rest of the environment…

And also allow us to have actually different grasses etc. in the same Game, have a water material, and allow us to hide water


This new terrain toolset is indeed, very confusing to navigate, nothing like we’re used to.

But I finally figured out how to delete water without affecting anything else: