In game discord advertisement for 13+ only


I personally own a discord server for my roblox group.
Therefore I know first hand how useful it would be to be able to advertise discord servers in game.

I’ve already read this post which mentions that discord links are not allowed on the ROBLOX website for under 13 year old players. So, I would assume the same rules would be applicable for a roblox game.

Therefore, would it be against the ROBLOX ToS, to only show the discord link to over 13+ roblox players in game?

We could see if the player is over 13 by using chat filtering, as explained in this post: here

Again this does start the question, would it be against the ROBLOX’s Privacy Policy to see if the player is over/under 13?

Any help with this topic would be greatly appreciated!


I’d suggest not to put anything discord related into your game because it’ll just get taken down like my game, so don’t do it, doing it on the website with the social link feature is fine but advertising your discord link ingame is a no


It’s best to just stick to social links on your game page. It’s there so your game doesn’t get moderated for a stupid like a discord link in a game…

This has been answered several times over. Discord is blanket banned in games, both direct and indirect references, regardless of what audience you’re showing it to.

Thread from a few days ago:

No Discord references at all. No checking the player’s age through filtering, which is an inaccurate and somewhat invasive method to begin with in the first place. Completely outlawed.

Please search before posting.


You are not allowed to do this. This has been discussed on the forum before.

Unfortunately, even if the player’s account is marked as 13+, that does not prove that they could actually be. Please keep in mind that a child could literally fake to be DMCA and fool YouTube into taking down a million-view video.