Inability to load place saves on MacOS Catalina

Please feel free to move this to another category if needed - I’m not very experienced with reporting issues like this but I believe this to be the appropriate category.

I’ve been having a constant issue with Studio since Wednesday. I have updated the version many times with success, but I am still unable to load up my previous saves which is quite damaging because of how regularly I use Studio.

Right now I am running RobloxStudio Version 0.447.1.411123
My Mac is currently running macOS Catalina Version 10.15.6

Screenshot 2020-09-13 at 10.38.47

Once I go to load up a place file, I get a blank screen like this and a loading wheel !(which isn’t shown because it’s a screenshot) and the application becomes unresponsive. I’ve also left it running for long periods of time but to no avail.

I have video proof of this on my Twitter here:

I’ve even gone through a massive sort on my computer to free up some storage and deleted all previous versions of the RobloxStudio which I thought would reset it but nothing has worked. My computer is also eight years old but I don’t think that has anything to do with it. It meets all the basic requirements for running Studio.

I haven’t marked this as a critical message yet because I don’t know anyone else with the same issues but if anyone can assist or guide me as to what I can do next, that would be very helpful.


Hi Squidzyee,

Thanks for your report. I’m curious what you mean by “previous saves”:

Are you opening a local .rbxl file from your machine (i.e. File -> Open from File… -> select file and open) or are you opening a place saved to Roblox (i.e. From start page -> My Games -> select game). Are you experiencing this issue with all games or if you try to open a Baseplate template it loads successfully?

Providing logs would be helpful as well. You can read where to find the logs, how to properly send them, as well as other helpful tips for reporting bugs here: How to post a Bug Report

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Thank you for the response.

This is an issue with any place that I try to open up. Including places already saved to Roblox, which is what I have been attempting to do. Sorry for the confusion about that by the way. I attempted to open up a baseplate too and that didn’t load either. I’ll send over some logs shortly.

DM including Bootstrapper Log

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