Inappropriate tags

To be serious, I was looking at tags and I find this: ******** I have to blur it but, the fact that Roblox Devforum has those kind of tags for a platform like this is surprising.

If there is something special with it, keep it. If not, please get rid of it.

I’m not sure, if so, who to send or talk to about this, or even show the word?


Any regular can create a tag. You’re allowed to swear in private sections of the forum, so depending on the word, it might have been allowed for a lounge/discussion/forum feedback topic or something.


Are you sure, even if it’s those topics, doesn’t it seem a bit bizarre?

I don’t find it surprising, no, but I can’t really say without context of what the word is. If it’s #shitpost you’re referring to, that’s a real term people use for a certain kind of post. Since everyone on the Devforum has to be 13+ anyways, it’s not super weird that swearing is allowed, either.


Yeah, that is true. Yet it is just unneeded, you don’t see anyone post in it, and it’s just really not needed. But if I were a member now, would I be able to say that?

Yeah, it’s not necessary, but neither are tags like #pewdiepie or #epic. I doubt Roblox is going to clean up the unnecessary tags; it’s not like they’re doing any harm.

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Those are tags which people who aren’t members in the DevForum would see, so you don’t need to worry about people under 13 seeing them.