Incorrect description of JointInstance.C0

The JointInstance.C0 API reference page contains outdated and confusing information.


C0 is the position aspect of the orientation between two parts in a weld. JointInstance.Part0 and JointInstance.Part0 move accordingly to this value, which denotes their respective positions.

  • “the position aspect of the orientation”: position is not an aspect of orientation
  • “in a weld”: more than just welds extend the JointInstance class; perhaps ‘joint’ would be more appropriate
  • "JointInstance.Part0 and JointInstance.Part0": this should say "JointInstance.Part0 and JointInstance.Part1"

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This description actually seems fine to me. How the offset is determined is not changed (this description mentions nothing about moving parts, just about the offset), whether one or the other part moves when you change C0/C1 does not seem relevant for the description on this page.

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