Increase the character limit for thread bodies

Currently the character limit for threads is 20 characters. This is even lower than the 30 character limit on replies. Many threads in #help-and-feedback are only 1 sentence long or just post screenshots through image-hosting sites like gyazo (gyazo links are >20 chars), and usually aren’t the best, and these types of threads usually attract not-so-good replies. I am proposing that the character limit be increased to 100, or something a bit higher. Threads there should always be descriptive about the problem the OP is encountering anyways.


As has been explained many times before, the type of person to just slap a gyazo link onto a thread and call it good is the type of person who would just aosdfgndofjkn until it lets them through.

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I agree so much with this, I’ve seen way to many threads that go like this:

touch script not working

So I have this touch script:


It does get irritating sometimes.


I strongly agree with this. Every time I read replies on different topics, I’ve seen many users trying to bridge the character limit such as…

This gets annoying from time to time, and earlier, I’ve been guilty of doing this as a result of attempting to reply to another post (should’ve used the like button).

I feel like instead of changing what we have make adding something like “3000000 charsss” or any form of filler letters should be something that you can get a flag for seeing as these are put into place to stop short unhelpful answers that probably should go in DMs or no where at all. Also I feel like 100 seems a bit large for some topics where people might be looking for a simple fix I think 20 characters is probably the best keeping those small questioned topics in mind.

Questions are not supposed to be small. They are supposed to be accurately describing the problem. You can put much more effort than “my script doesn’t work”. We can flag yes but there should be a longer limit anyways.

That is a reply. I am talking about threads

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Yes, but my logic applies to threads as well. People who are bad at writing posts won’t be stopped by the warning and consider “Hmm, maybe I should rethink my strategy and improve upon the detail of my post as to improve the reading experience and increase the likelihood of someone successfully solving my issue.” They’ll think “oops not enough charsss” and spam until they meet the limit.


These types of posts should not be possible. If someone is spamming the same text over and over again to hit the limit then it is intentional spam at that point and should be flagged. But there should be a realistic limit anyways.

I agree with your post, and to add on, when I see people go:

yes, I am interested (30 chars)

I get… fustrated, kind of. I think it takes away the maturity and professionalism in their replies.

I think every topic/thread should be at least having 60+ characters.

I think for replies it is a bit too much but for threads it is 100% necessary

Absolutely, because see there are a lot of topics in this forum which have less information/no constructivity. Of course, for replies it’s too much, but for topics, 60 character limit is average.