Incredibly high ping in my game

Hello all,
I am aware that there has been other posts about this but none seemed to fix the issues I’m having. Also I’m not sure if this is the correct category, but here goes:

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on my new game ‘Amusement Island’. It consists of a lot of funfair style rides all in one place for users to enjoy with their friends.

I added about 5 new rides recently, and when I went to test the world, the ping was super high (around 300ms constant). I don’t know what has caused the issue, and whether it’s anything to do with my end at all. I know it’s not my internet as I am connected to our router via ethernet and I get around 20ms ping to London.

I have disabled 50+ scripts because I thought this may be the cause of the issue. No luck. I had a ‘Club’ style building with flashing lights and things like that, and I moved that away thousands of blocks, but again, that did not reduce the ping. I have sent a message to Roblox, but they haven’t got back to me yet and I thought there may be some people here with similar issues/had similar issues that they have resolved.

I was hoping to release the game this weekend but when this issue occurred mid last week it’s put it on hold, and I am trying to get it out as soon as possible. Obviously there is no rush, as I want this to be as good as possible. To me, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the rides as I had them all on a separate world and I copy them directly from that world into the new one. They all worked and still work perfectly over there on the test world.

These are the only differences:
A map (Like better terrain but only built out of parts)
A spawn building
The club
And a randomised music script

All of these features have been in since the start, so I don’t believe it’s anything to do with these. As I’ve already said, I’m getting anywhere from 200-1000ms ping all the time, and it makes the rides impossible to use and ride well.

Many thanks for any help you all can give,
PCHDB :slight_smile:


What is your ping in this game: . - Roblox

This is an empty baseplate and there should be no issue streaming any data to you client. If your ping is still averaging around 200 - 1000 ms it is in fact your internet.

If you're unsure how to check your ping click this dropdown

Method 1: Preformance Stats

Method 2: Debug Window?

Press Shift + F3

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Just joined, I’m getting around 60ms ping over there and its running very smoothly

Do you have lots of assets? Things such as decals, particles using texture ids, unions, meshes, and so on? These can take a toll on your game if you have lots of them because the client needs to load each one.

Also do you have lots of unanchored parts, or lots of moving parts in general? This could be an issue.

Some things in general you should check for:

  • Lots of data packed remote event requests.
  • Lots of parts.
  • Lots of changing things at once.
  • Lots of assets.
  • Try playing again and see if it still occurs?

Here is a small community tutorial with some more elaborated things to try.


I go on daily to see if it’s lowered, sometimes it goes up, sometimes it is the same. Never really drops below 200 ping. Would you like me to link the game for you so you can have a look?
There is a lot of colour changing lights and bits like that, but I have way more rides in my test world and it runs smoothly over there.

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Who am I allowing to join, I’ve noticed there’s two people here, do you both want access?

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Yes I guess.

Could you post a link? I’ll happily join and let you know if anything jumps out at me as something which would cause networking issues

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Ok, sorry if this is a silly question but its a group game and I don’t know how I can allow users outside the group to join the game. If there’s no way then I guess I could make the game public but I’m reluctant to do that…

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Try going in roblox studio and enabling team create then adding us both and set our perms to “Play”

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Tell me if you need help enabling it and adding us to it, the system has changed alot.

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If you are reluctant to make the place public I do not suggest adding people to team create. It is a much larger risk. I suggest you instead open the place to be public for a temporary amount of time.

I was unaware of this feature!

No because he can set our perms to “Play” instead of “Edit”


Ah! Ok, to add people in roblox studio now, you have to go to Game Settings / Permissions / (Type our usernames) / Add.

Then (Our usernames) / Play

This is the main game:

This is my test world:

Ok, I will join the discord server too.